Why I started using Essential Oils

Sunday, July 16, 2017
DISCLAIMER: I'm not a doctor. I can't make any medical claims, diagnose, or treat any medical conditions. The following is just my story and experience with Young Living Essential Oils. I can simply encourage you to be your own advocate for your health and educate yourself on all of your options. 

My journey with Essential Oils and Young Living started about 2 1/2 years ago. My sister-in-law, Alyssa was a new mom and had jumped on this crazy train about essential oils. I was pretty open to trying them, but also silently skeptical that they would actually work. My intent was to use them only to diffuse in my house for the smell. I had no idea what was falling into my lap. I ordered my starter kit and jumped right in. Let's start with what my life was like before YL. 

I bought all of my favorite beauty products and personal hygiene products at the drug-store. I never left the house without spritzing on one of my favorite perfumes. I never thought twice about what ingredients where actually in a product. If the label said it was all natural or it was marketed to look that way, I thought it must be ok! We had been trying to get pregnant for about 5 years at that time, but my cycles were all over the place. Lets just say that can make things confusing when you are trying to figure out when ovulation is happening. I could go anywhere from 40-70 days in one cycle. Not only does this cause confusion for ovulation, but it is also devastating each cycle that is delayed, because you think maybe just maybe this is the month, just to discover it's another messed up cycle. My doctor prescribed a medication that we were hopeful would help control those cycles and bring in some sort of normalcy. I tried that for almost 6 months. The only thing that changed in that time was all the side-effects. I felt sick all the time. I finally decided enough was enough. It wasn't helping my problem any, just making me feel miserable, so I stopped taking it. 

Enter Young Living. My life changed and I didn't even know it yet. I decided anything was better than what I was doing. I thought I'd give these oils a try, but had no idea that they would actually WORK! I got my starter kit and started using them! I did some research on how to use them to support the reproductive system. I found a few things one of which was a product from Young Living called Progessence Plus. It's serum that I started applying daily to being a protocol of trying to support my reproductive system. Within 2 months of using these oils....my cycles were happening in 30-35 days instead of the 40-70 day cycles I had been experiencing. Finally something that seemed to be working!! 

From there I've never looked back. That experience changed my mindset and my life. I can say I've had regular cycles consistently for the last 2 1/2 years I've been with Young Living. I've seen over and over again how these products WORK to support our bodies using the plants that God placed on this earth. I'm switching over as many products as I can to Young Living products that I know will be made with only the best ingredients by a company I trust! I am now much more aware of what ingredients I place on or in my body. I've switched over everything from deodorant and toothpaste to now make-up! I'll talk more about what products I use and why in some future posts.  The number of toxins and chemicals we are exposed to every single day is staggering. Since I've entered the world of natural living and chemical free products, I've learned so much more about making more informed choices. That is why I love Young Living and all it has to offer.  

If this post has peaked your interest and you want to know more about Young Living and how to get started, please get it contact with me. You can email me or comment below. I would LOVE To help you. It really is a lifestyle change, but it's the best thing you could ever do for yourself and your family.  

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Why I started using Essential Oils

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a doctor. I can't make any medical claims, diagnose, or treat any medical conditions. The following is just m...